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How do different shaped-containers keep the product fresh?2022-06-01T11:21:49+00:00

As to the use of skin care products, there’s a major principle, the hands should not directly get in contact with the skin care product at the rim of the bottle or inside the bottle; therefore, it’s better to use the digging spoon to take the product out of the facial cream container; as for the liquid lotion or conditioning water that is carried in a bottle, it’s better to take the product by pouring to maintain zero-pollution.


  1. When taking the skin care product from a container that has a pump design, it’s better to pick it up with fingertips because the product features relative condensation to avoid reflux. When the product is not used for a long time, clean the pump by using an alcoholic cotton sheet for better preservation.
  2. The container with a dropper design belongs to the packaging that is the easiest to get secondary contamination. Each time the dropper is used, the ingredients carried in the container will be forced come into contact with the pollutants in the air.
  3. The packaging coating can be sourced from all sorts of creative ideas, but the pure white color is the most suitable for the lining (especially the plastic container of the facial cream) that is in contact with the skin care product. It is mainly for ease observing the changes of the substances carried in the skin care products; secondly, it’s to avoid contamination by the dye dissolution from a plastic material.
  4. When the skin care products tend to be acidic or easily oxidized, or the composition of pure oil wax, or solvents (such as essential oils, alcohol, makeup remover oil), except glass containers, it’s better to avoid using color-dyed plastic containers for the best result that can prevent the products from the risk of contamination by the dye dissolution.
  5. In terms of glass containers that directly contact with the ingredients, the darker the color, the more favorable it is to preserve the freshness of the ingredients. For those people who are not used to putting away skin care products in drawers or cabinets after each use, glass containers in dark colors are good choices.
  6. Of course, the skin care products that are more active, like the skin care products featuring antioxidant, anti-aging, and with whitening effect, light resistance of the container should be good enough to keep the value.

For the OEMs of skin care products, packaging materials are the least important in production but the most important point of contradiction. This is because the packaging materials with the convenience of use and attractive appearances indeed affect the first impression of consumers; furthermore, they are the reference for consumers while making a purchase as well as the reference making consumers feel the quality of the ingredients. Conversely, the use of the packaging material with poor convenience of use and appearance, the relative impact will affect the purchase intention. Therefore, in terms of selecting packaging materials, in addition to constantly making tests, clients are given some suggestions ~ such as paying frequent visits to the counters located in the department stores everywhere, or open-shelf displays, or online shopping websites so as to learn those frequently used packaging materials. Sometimes, those updated, trendy packaging materials can’t make your product more attractive. Why not choose safe and convenient packaging materials, which can help your product become infused with new elements for creating enhanced value? Increase your experiences to make your product more attractive. It’s believed that consumers can choose the suitable materials for the ingredients as well as good packaging materials that can trigger the purchase intention with only a glance.

Nowadays branding manufacturers are required to present experimental data to meet the appeals. What is IRB?2022-06-01T11:15:42+00:00

Any claims proposed by cosmetic products need to be proven through the human body (a type of mammal) testing, and when this human testing is intended to be carried out in the “domestic” area, it is necessary to confirm that this method is in line with human research methods.

For example, when sending the testing method to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for review, the IRB will be responsible for auditing relevant concerns, including the content and methods of the testing on the human body as well as risks and safety. Certainly, related information on these contents of risks and safety will be provided by the institutions that design experiments, such as schools, testing companies, commissioned testing corporations.

At the same time, according to various questions proposed by the IRB members about the contents of testing, the relevant “defense” will be followed. There is no standard for so-called “working days” that means how much time the auditing process will take because it depends on the members’ schedule, and the concerns that the members have on the testing method. If the proposal of the testing method can be a kind of international standard method or a common method, the auditing process will be relatively smoothly performed. If it is a specially designed method or ingredient, or a special efficacy of the appeal, the auditing process will be relatively long. After the contents of the testing have passed the IRB auditing, the testing units can begin carrying out “human body” experiments, and the experimental data obtained can also be used as the appeal in the advertisement of the brand owners.

I’m wondering why the face appears yellowish after the application of certain facial masks?2022-06-01T11:13:57+00:00

1. Firstly, you need to find out if there’s regular exfoliation over the skin. Otherwise, the nourishment cannot be absorbed and is left over the skin surface. Over a period of application, the skin will become dull naturally.
2. The factor may be applying the facial masks that carry vitamin C and Arbutin; therefore, it’s suggested to apply the masks at night and avoid applying the mask during the daytime. If ’it’s necessary to apply the facial mask during the daytime, be sure to apply sunscreen afterward to avoid reducing the effect of whitening ingredients, and the skin will become dull and appear yellowish.
3. If the skin turns yellowish after the application, it’s a must to understand the customers’ recent daily routine; for example, abnormal daily schedule, diet and so on; they may be associated with the loss of vitality of epidermal cells so as to make the skin appear dull and less radiant. Therefore, you can first understand the customers’ recent living conditions and their skin care methods. Stop applying the mask temporarily because if the skin itself has poor metabolism, the application of the facial mask won’t make any improvement either. Firstly, do a thorough cleansing and exfoliation, as well as well moisturizing care. After a while, apply the mask once again, there’ should be a visible improvement.
4. Moreover, find out if there is any Chinese herbal medicine used as ingredients other than vitamin C and arbutin because they will probably make the skin appear yellowish after the application of the facial mask. Especially some Chinese herbal ingredients have a higher volume of pigment, they are surely associated with skin tones.

I’m wondering why colors of the second batch of carton printing are somewhat different from those of the first batch?2022-06-01T11:12:51+00:00

The factors that affect color printing:
1. Combined printing and independent printing
Combined printing allows the designs with the same materials, quantity, and size to share the printing costs (such as the cost of paper, editing fees, cost of employee, etc.) But the colors in the combined printing will affect each other so as to make the printing result of the same file appear different. For customers with a color requirement of 100% accuracy, it is recommended to use independent printing, but the cost is relatively high.
2. Paper material
Paper material will affect the ink absorption and result in different finished colors. Using the same kind of ink under the same condition to print on the paper material with different levels of absorption, the finished printing will appear in different hues. For example, the coated art paper has a higher density of calendering during papermaking, so the surface appears smoother; in contrast, it has a higher density of paper fibers; when the ink is printed on the paper, there’s less ink absorption and the color reflected will appear brighter; however, the simile paper has less density of calendering, when the ink is printed on the paper, there is more ink absorption and the color reflected will appear duller.
3. Paper color
Paper is made from the fibers of trees. The factor that causes the paper to yellow over time is the lignin contained in fibers; lignin is an acidic substance that undergoes oxidation when exposed to air, sunlight, or humidity in the environment. Consequently, all the colors turn yellowish over time.
4. Effect of surface treatment on colors
There are several major surface treatment methods, including coating (glossy and matte) and glazing (poly propylene, matt poly propylene, and poly vinyl alcohol) and so on. After these surfaces are treated, there will be varying degrees of hue variation and the changes in color concentration. When coated with glossy coating, poly propylene, and poly vinyl alcohol, the color concentration increases; when coated with matte coating or matte poly propylene, color concentration decreases.


I’m wondering that when I want to create a brand, how do I enhance the brand value?2022-06-01T11:10:55+00:00

There is a wide variety of products available in the market, more and more diversified products, and consumers’ level of knowledge has been constantly improving as well. The most basic quality of the product is the most basic element to be competitive in the market. In order to make self-branding products stand out in the consumer market, the marketing of the packaging must be more unique than competing products, the intensity of visual communication should be touching the needs that consumers have been craving for; and not only that, but also customer service has become the most basic competitive conditions in various industries. Among different cups of coffee of similar cost, some people sell a cup at a price of NT $35 and offer a sticker-point rewarding program; however, some can sell a cup at the price of NT $110 and ’have comfortable sofas for consumers to sit comfortably when chatting with friends at leisure. For an imported German-made RV, the original price can be up to 10%-20% more expensive than the price traders offer, but there ‘are groups of consumers willing to make a purchase with cash. In fact, what creates the price differences, to put it bluntly, is to make consumers willing to pay such a cost for enjoying more convenience and customer service that brings a sense of honor. Through the buildups that Jing Yong has constructed, from nothing to something; from simple R & D, production, until today’s planning integration, we see real consumers’ needs and difficult points. It doesn’t matter how much the company invests when we see pieces of consumers’ self-branding products being successfully launched to the market, it’s like a kind intention that achieves the fulfillment. It is believed that more fruits of success will be seen in the future.


The right concept makes everything work twice as much
From the formulation of the product composition to the customers’ product collocation, from the traditional marketing concept to the customer service satisfaction, every link should be carefully operated so as to deliver the concept and spirit of the brand to every consumer. There are two things that are the most difficult in the world; one is to input their ideas to someone else’s brain, and the other is to bring the money in someone else’s pocket to the pocket of oneself. From a sales point of view, the very first beginning is the communication of ideas based on a reasonable point of view and the offering to consumers with equal quality, equal amount, and equivalent price. Each consumer owns a ruler of assessment in mind, so the value for money and the atmosphere of service determine whether the case is dealt or not.
Today, no matter which industry, there is not only a simple transaction existing but also the exchange of concepts in mind between the enterprise and consumer.

What are the tips for skin care routine?2022-06-01T11:06:43+00:00

Although different countries are with different geographical features and climatic conditions, as well as people living in different environments, the skin problems physically turn out to be the same. For example, the occurrence of acne is basically out of the blockage, water shortage, bacterial infection, and other factors.
And, in the skin care regimen, as long as you are doing thorough cleansing, rehydration, reducing infection, the problem of acne can be improved. Even though there are simple words of instructions, does the consumer really understand clearly? Do they adopt the right methods? Because consumers don’t really understand, they rely on advertisements when making a judgment, such as having a larger advertisement or being sold at a higher price means the product is the better choice. Once on mainland China, I met a rich woman who spent tens of thousands of dollars a month to buy skin care products, but she’ never got her desired effect and improvement. That’s because of her wrong choice of products. After further understanding her situation, she thought a high price meant better effectiveness; she’ never knew that most of the money went into the advertiser’s pocket. In fact, what she really needed was a professional beauty counselor to help her with the selection of suitable products exclusively for her. Firstly, it would focus on the improvement of skin problems; and secondly, avoid unnecessary expenses. This is so-called “Using the suitable products is more important than using the more expensive products.”


The five most common problems happen in skin care routine, sensitivity, moisturization, acne, whitening, and aging. As long as you can choose the right skin care products paired with the appropriate amount and forms, skin care can be very simple.

I want to produce skin care products, which kinds of packaging materials are safer choices?2022-06-01T11:05:14+00:00

The materials available to be used as the packaging material of the skin care products are varied. There are three main kinds of materials used to produce containers that carry skin care products, plastic, glass, and metal.
The most commonly used is plastic, which occupies the percentage of up to 80%; glass is the second, which accounts for only 8%.

What is a skin care routine?2022-06-01T11:04:11+00:00

The skin care routine is not complicated, in fact, it is very simple.
There are several important points to master, starting from initial cleaning → conditioning (such as, facial mask) → moisturizing → replenishing → sunscreen. The keys to master the dosage forms are using water-based products before using oil-based products and keeping the principles of using liquid forms before solid forms; once you master the standard rule, many skin care products in the market will no longer be difficult for you; and, from the above identifying methods, it is not difficult to understand why skin care experts always suggest the usage steps starting from makeup removal → facial cleansing → exfoliation → facial mask → lotion → essence serum → liquid cream → cream → sunscreen and primer.

Are there any fees for sample production? How long does the procedure take before the client can receive samples?2022-06-01T11:02:46+00:00

Product development is for creating a mutual opportunity between both parties of clients; those samples with small demands, the company doesn’t charge any additional fees. Generally speaking, the sample production usually takes 7 working days starting from the day when the company has received the material.

How’s the inspection of the product been conducted?2022-05-17T02:31:54+00:00

Products are manufactured by production lines that comply with ISO and HACCP.

If you have special production lines or product certification requirements (KOSHER, HALAL… etc.),


we can also arrange a production line that fits certification according to your needs.

The finished products will be verified by a fair third-party inspection unit to confirm the quality of the products before they are delivered to you.

I’m not sure about the order quantity of the product.2022-05-17T02:31:26+00:00

No matter what kind of dosage form the product is, there is a so-called Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) in a factory, which will vary depending on the dosage types.


If you are not sure about the product batch or want to have a rough concept, you are welcome to contact us at any time.

What is ourVision?2022-05-17T02:30:04+00:00


We believe that by continuing to grow each day we will become a company that gives back to its clients, employees, the industry and local society

What is our Mission?2022-05-17T02:27:44+00:00

#1  To understand your needs.

#2  To provide assistance in every step of the process.

#3  To deliver quality of service that ensures your product is of the highest marketable and consumable standard.

How do I get started?2022-05-17T02:23:19+00:00

With just a simple phone call or email, you can easily get in touch with our friendly team who can’t wait to hear your ideas and aspirations. They will arrange the first formal meeting with you, where you will fill in a simple form, so that we can better understand your thoughts on product concepts and requirements.

How do I go about getting samples ?    2022-05-17T02:24:29+00:00

After fully understanding your needs, we will develop recipes for you and product samples. At this stage your business’s registration information is needed, including company name, address, contact number and email address. Then we can send you all the relevant documents that you need.

Do you supply packaging or can we supply our own?     2022-05-17T02:25:20+00:00

For packaging materials, we provide three options:

  1. a) If you wish to provide your own packaging material, you will be required to complete a quality and compatibility test of the packaging, as well as the relevant qualification certificate of the packaging manufacturer.
  2. b) If you don’t wish to provide your own packaging material, we will source a packaging manufacturer and if you are happy with them, we will provide the packaging material.
  3. c) If we can’t find the right packaging material for you, we will contact our own supplier who will be able to work with you to design your own customized packaging solution.
What are normal lead time for production?     2022-05-17T02:26:12+00:00

If you are satisfied with the recipe sample and want to put it into production, you will need to sign a production contract. From the time we receive the signed contract, the production cycle is twelve to sixteen weeks. This is dependent on shipping the raw materials to the warehouse, product formulation and packaging, and end-to-end quality control.

Does Cosmed do label design or artwork?2022-05-17T02:26:56+00:00

OEM customers are responsible for the copywriting and design of their products. However, we do have experienced designers to provide you with additional services if needed.


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